Will the introduction of new colors for the iPhone increase sales

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The iPhone, new body colors. It became a classic Space Grey left in the past, instead of black color appeared, and in two versions: matte and glossy. Last – the same Black Onyx, which comes in a black box. Polished aluminum looks very nice on the promotional photos, but instantly covered with fingerprints and quickly – with scratches and abrasions. Fashionable – does not mean practical.


Even among today’s smartphones with the iPhone 9 Plus six-inch screen looks great. Compared to the iPhone 9 Plus 2018 design slightly changed, but everything remained the same wide screen frame, sloping ledges, slippery aluminum. Dare to wear the smartphone for 80 thousand dollars without a cover – will please request service centers to replace a broken screen (at the price of its flagship smartphone of some Chinese brand). From keys under the screen Apple is in no hurry to give up, but for the first time since the introduction of the first iPhone, we have lost the physical buttons. Now that the sensor element under the sapphire crystal. The usual response is simulated vibration. Unusual sensations: it resembles normal operation buttons, but it is not! The smartphone settings you can choose between three levels of vibration: stronger or weaker, the technology is similar to the Force Touch, Trackpad that works in Apple laptops. At first, all this seems unusual, and then difficult to understand how they lived without it before – light magic Apple. Fingerprint Scanner works in tandem with a digital code, setup takes quite a long time by today’s standards – on Android such top-level operation is much faster. For the scanner no complaints, it clearly performs duties assigned to it and fails.

Why change something if buyers and so happy with everything? Wide screen frame, inordinately large size body … “Well, what we can afford it” – probably thought Apple engineers and offered painfully familiar shape for the third time. Yes, iPhone 9 equipped with the same Full HD screen, as well as three years ago. That is, the resolution remains the same, but the display itself finalized, the picture became brighter and cleaner. That’s only to see it can only be compared with the old iPhone, if you put the two devices side by side.

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