Web Analysis Report, What Can It Do For You?

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As a website owner, it is natural to get curious about what is going on with your site. It is especially true if the place is for your business. It is just imperative to know your standing and how effective is your SEO. It is to ensure that your efforts will not go to waste. However, a lot are often curious about how they can get intensive details regarding their web optimization. Some think it is impossible. However, it is possible, in fact, with a website analysis report, you get to know every single detail about your site. SEO is helpful but not enough. Your site might be appropriately optimized, but you won’t know how well it is doing without a report. Here are some of the vital information you can extract from a web analysis report.


A lot of business owners and web owners often wonder how they are doing, what are their current rank and the likes. Through the report, you can get important details on the links you get and which contents are accessible and how many visits them. Your status will also show whether you have good titles or descriptions on your content as well as the images you have.


It is imperative for you to know and monitor who is sending you traffic. There are many different platforms you might be in, and some will have more visitors than the others. Knowing this information will allow you to focus on the ones with more visitors and improve the ones with fewer visitors. Furthermore, you also need to know which of your guest posts are generating traffic. You cannot continue spending money and time on writing guest posts that do not generate traffic. Also, it is essential to know whether the ones sending you traffic has conversions. A high traffic site with no conversions is useless. Remember, you optimize your website to increase your ranking, satisfy your visitors and receive high conversion.

Conversion Rate

Speaking of conversion rate, it matters to know where you get your conversions and how they find your website. You do not just need to know, but you also need to understand your rate so you can maintain and increase them. Knowing where they come from will help you strategize your next moves in even raising the ones from that site and find a means to attract more visitors from other platforms that have low conversions.


The content of your website is also essential. Modern SEO does not just focus on high search engine rankings but also on the user experience. It is a must these days to post factual and interesting contents on your site to attract more clickers. The report will give you in-depth details on which of your materials are popular and how many visitors they have each day. You also get to know which sites are your guest posting receiving good feedback and which contents give you a high conversion rate.

User Experience

Everything mentioned above is interrelated and so is user experience. Good user experience means the visitor is satisfied and saw what he wants from your site and therefore bought your product or hired your services. Through the report, you get to know whether your visitors are happy with the page and what improvements should get done for better user experience.

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