TouchPal Keyboard for Android Devices

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There have been many questions about the many Android keyboards accessible in the market and most of them are concerning which of it is the finest for me. There is the Android standard keyboard, the new TouchPal keyboard, & also the multi-touch keyboard developed by top companies. So how do they stack up and which is the finest for you?

For something that is known as the Android standard keyboard, there is nothing standard regarding it. In fact, it is rather a pleasant piece of software to go beside your smartphone. The newest version has a voice input feature which really amplifies the TouchPal Keyboard.

Even on its own, it is still a superb piece of equipment. It is extremely responsive, and there are about zero problems when in use. Even if your device doesn’t offer you a choice of any of the other keyboards, you still are not missing out much as this is a hard contender.

It is pre-installed and configured which is constantly nice and is astonishingly to use. The slight frustration to this standard keyboard is that it is not extremely clever when it comes to symbols and particular characters. Just to press the “alt” button in the keyboard will someway stop the whole flow and this is quite famous when writing long messages. Another slight downfall is its poor word forecast although this is improved upon on HTC devices.

Why TouchPal Keyboard Become so Popular These Days?

TouchPal Keyboard is a free Keyboard for Android devices that helps you to write fast & simple with curve and prediction. As well as, users can promptly use over 1000+ GIFs, emoji, smiles & text faces suitably all over.

TouchPal is a famous keyboard you can download from the Google Play Store & the Apple App Store. It has been around for quite some time, with lots of the similar features and customization options accessible on contestant keyboards. It’s worked on various Android devices thanks to manufacturer partnerships and the corporation said it has more than 100 million every day active users around the globe.

The primary thing you’ll desire to know is that Talia requires fairly a number of permissions so you can use it to its highest possible. Aside from access to your contacts & phone numbers (to exactly name your contacts), you’ll have to go into your phone’s accessibility settings to allow enhanced features like quick prediction, smart reply which can recommend emoji and text  and more. You can refute it access to some of these permissions, but then you won’t get the full Talia familiarity.

Speed and accuracy

Both TouchPal Keyboard Pro and Google Keyboard presented glide typing, while TouchPal calls it Curve. TouchPal provide amazing typing experience for mobile phone users with new features, namely Wave, which merge gesture typing and projecting text, allowing you to kind whole sentences much quicker than it takes to kind words on other keyboards.

You can also select to improve your calculation with TouchPal Cloud and word trends from the internet. TouchPal Keyboard Pro can predict next words in more than one tongue too, which is good so you don’t need to switch back and forth by hand.

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