Top Tech Products of 2016 That Made Breaking News

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Introduction of any technologically innovative product is news in itself. The news becomes more interesting when the product brings some revolutionary change in the users’ lives. Whether it is a daily use feature, or an extension offering great entertainment value, the technological products surely make people sit up and notice when these bring exceptional change in terms of value creation.

Gaming delights rolled out in 2016

Facebook bought Oculus and everybody talked about it. But, the market buzzed more when Oculus rolled out what can be called a virtually real headset.

  • Gaming world has not seen anything like this before. This virtually real headset transports the gamer to different world and gives close-to-real experience to the user while playing any game. It is advancement over 3D, 4D etc and fits easily with any high performance PC.
  • HoloLens: How about playing a video game on the wall of your home? The idea is super exciting and transformed into reality by Microsoft that has introduces HoloLens. This lens allows the user to interact with virtual components of the game and also shows game environment in a room space. What a relief from screens!

Multi-purpose wearable computers

Computer finally reached the wrists of the men and got transformed into multi-purpose watches equipped with sensors and a variety of applications. Apple Watch along with a camera is equipped with a variety of telecommunications features allowing the user to go for video conferencing on this unusual gadget. Users can also monitor health vitals on this wearable sensor cum monitor cum computing device.

Touch screen computers

Touch screen feature in wall-mounted desktop – isn’t it an amazing revolution? Touch screen feature has now moved from tablets etc. to the desktop and is creating great value for the consumers.

All these are the latest happenings in the corporate world. These revolutionary products may hit the stands anytime sooner and online stores like superstore4less may be gearing themselves up to give space to these game changers.

Meanwhile, shopping online of technological products is witnessing lots of improvements. Buyers make decisions on the basis of superstore4less reviews that give complete account of technologically innovative products available online.

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