Tone of Voice Mistakes That Are Killing Your Marketing

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To be successful, you must act big, think big and talk big.

– Aristotle Onassis

The way you use your words is the way you are shaping your business; just as first impressions count in all spheres of life, whether we are talking business endeavors or personal engagements, so does word manipulation in all-things-business. In a clearer tone, in order to translate your message to the consumer in a way they understand it, you need to approach writing as branding; following, know that the tone of voice guidelines matter just as much as the logo and typeface you choose do.

What’s killing businesses?

Younger companies that are just starting off tend to disregard their tone of voice as irrelevant. Often, a particular pattern is followed, a praxis proven right by their competition or someone before them. Copying or imitating, in 99% of the time, ends in failure. Other brands’ voices can’t be compatible with your product as each branding voice should be unique and personalized.

Unfortunately, the inexperienced are lacking acceptance of word branding as one of the primary marketing strategies which is what’s getting their marketing killed in the long run. The smart ones are already a few steps ahead and thriving.

To prevent your brand from failing, you need to act smart.
Let’s discuss.

Writing and branding merged

Writing is branding. When you think about the companies you admire, they all have a distinctive vision and a voice that’s backing up their actions; Google, Virgin, First Direct, the BBC, Innocent, etc – they all have very clear, characteristic voices that offer the customer something they haven’t experienced before. Their word manipulation is impeccable and their brand idea perfectly communicated.

Everyone who is looking to get their business to flourish needs to think about the tone of voice they are adapting in order to become different, powerful and respected in the word of business.

Content marketing teams, why?

Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t automatically mean you are a successful advertiser. In fact, praxis has shown that business moguls often lack the subtlety of marketing and advertising which is why their products/services don’t get the immediate attention they deserve; well, not until they decide to advertise, at least. To get your business noticed and booming, you should hire an experienced content marketing agency with an outstanding line of successful clientele that raves about their services. Opting for the right marketing strategists will get your product the immediate attention it deserves.

The tone of voice necessities

Unlike your hired “brand police” enforcing style guidelines, the tone of voice strategist is a marketing mogul who operates as a coach, pushing writers to escape the land of boredom and use your brand’s distinctive tone of voice to get your sales rising.

To make progress, every serious marketing agency will make you take these several steps:

Decide who you are

While your product/service may be amazing, if you span through way too many directions, you’ll burn out and fail. This is why you need to be a 100% on the goal of your product and what you are offering. Consequently, the tone of your voice should follow in a direct, friendly, vibrant, confident or sassy manner – whichever you are comfortable with. The point is to find a voice that feels natural and agrees with the product you are offering.

Differentiate from the competition

It is burning with competition out there and you need to be better. Staying safe will only brand you “boring” or “common” and those attributes do not make a successful business. Use your tone of voice to break out from a category and connect on another level, be it on a personal, cultural, sexual or any other level. Embrace good jargon and follow through. Be weird. Be captivating. Be intriguing. Be different.

Choose three base notes

Depending on the line of business you are in, it would be smart to pick a short list of base notes.

  • Simple, friendly and silly
  • Enthusiastic, positive, helpful
  • Serious, focused, committed

Fashion your own three-base-notes-branding so it agrees with the aura of your business.

Add accents where needed

Adapt your voice/content to the situation, target audience and context. You’ll talk to the consumers differently on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter… and in person. Shoot for “consistent variety” where consumers will recognize a common personality that crosses everything but sticks to the same base notes that ooze consistency.

A force multiplier for your content is nothing more and nothing less but the tone of voice you are using. Amplify the impact of your content marketing efforts by using it properly, and rely on the advice above for help. Good luck.

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