Time sheet feature in the new time clock boss software

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Time free clock is another software which comes with numerous benefits for business organizations. Ranging from tracking employee`s working hours, to managing the employees payroll reports, time sheet, time free clock comes with lot of interesting features.  

3 scintillating features of time clock software

  • The software schedules the employee`s working hours, prepares the payroll reports and also manages employees working in shifts.
  • Assigns tasks to employees and assists them in tracking their work from either dashboard or mobile phone
  • With easy employee management system, in the software, it saves a lot of time of employees. By using the employee shift switching requesting system, managers can easily manage the employees using time sheet. With the advance scheduling features in the software also, keeping track on the employees becomes easy.

Features of time clock boss

  1. Employee scheduling- using the software function like employees shift switch request, it becomes easier for the manager to schedule tasks to employees. With the scheduling becoming easy, the managers can save considerable time and use this time in some other productive work
  2. Task management- the software also has been encrypted with the feature of assigning tasks to employees, keeping track of their work and getting the completed work
  3. Mobile application- the application time clock boss is now available to record time, assign the tasks, and do much more from the IOS and android applications. So the employees can easily track their work and manager can also keep track of their work via mobile application
  4. Locations assistance- many distance offices and locations are checked and kept track of. It also allows employees to clock in from any place where this facility is available.
  5. Time track-the software also tracks the time taken by the employee to complete a designated work. Along with managing the working hours, it also manages time taken by workmen also. This feature of time tracking of an individual employee or employees working in shifts is done by just clicking one button of the software.
  6. Payroll reports- it prepares a detailed payroll report of the employee and keeps track on all the working hours and payment amount to a worker. Every minute detail regarding the salary of employee is there in the payroll report
  7. Customized alerts- a very high configurable alerting system makes it simple for the manager to keep track of all the clock in and outs. The notifications pop up with a message and alerts the user
  8. Expense management system- if the employees incur any expense during their work as parts of their job, these expenses can also be easily recorded in the software.

So these are some of the exceptional features of the time clock boss software.  it is a very easy and convenient software for organizations like schools,  freelancers, nonprofit organizations, and small and big businesses. The best part of the software is that it saves considerable amount of money and is perfect for small business firms. Plus, it makes the work easier and simple.

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