Three Benefits of On-Site Support

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Whether you have bought or are renting equipment for your office, having someone to train your employees on its use and to help you resolve issues is invaluable. Here are three of the benefits of having on-site support in your office.

Proper Training

When you rent or purchase new equipment for your office, there is always a learning period before you are comfortable operating it. Many companies that sell or rent equipment provide on-site training for those in the office that will be working with the equipment. Whether it is a new copier or an interactive projector, it is important to learn how to operate it correctly to prevent errors during meetings, employee training, or customer presentations.

With proper training, you don’t have to worry that someone will lock up the equipment, which can cut presentations short and force them to be rescheduled. However, customers may not be willing to reschedule, because not knowing how your equipment works can make your staff look incompetent. If it is an employee presentation, your company can experience a loss of productivity because you have to pull employees from their work when you reschedule their training.

On-Site Support

Saves Time

If something does go wrong with your equipment, you won’t have to call a company you may not be familiar with to examine it and possibly wait several days for a technician to come out to your office. Instead, you can call for a support technician about the problem and possibly have them help you fix it over the telephone, so you don’t to wait for someone look at it. This will help reduce any downtime that may occur due to the equipment malfunction, which can prevent any loss of productivity.

An on-site technician can also visit your office to determine if the equipment malfunction was caused by a user error or if there is actually something wrong with the machine. If it is a user error on a projector for example, they can refresh the employee’s training in order to prevent further malfunctions. Otherwise, they can repair the Epson projector, or replace it if necessary.

Keep Equipment Maintained

To prevent problems with the equipment you have, some companies offer regular on-site maintenance to keep it in good working order. This helps to prevent breakdowns that could disrupt training sessions or presentations in the office. In addition, you don’t have to worry about having unexpected repair expenses, because the equipment is maintained in order to keep it from malfunctioning.

Not having to worry about unexpected breakdowns allows you to have peace of mind whenever you use the equipment. You don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of a malfunction in front of clients or a team of employees during training. Additionally, the maintenance of the equipment may not cost your business anything if you have a contract with the company from which you bought or rented it.

Having access to on-site support can keep your equipment in good working order and the training your employees’ receive can prevent end user malfunctions.

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