Things to avoid while preparing for AIPMT

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So believe it or not, everybody has dreamt of becoming a doctor once their school life. It is one of the most desired for professions. But it does not come to you easy. It comes with its own set of struggles, the first step being, clearing the pre-medical test in best IIT colleges in India. One of them is AIPMT. It is a prestigious medical entrance test that is conducted on a national level. Even before starting to prepare for AIPMT, you need to be used to hard work and dedication, as these are the pre requisites of appearing for AIPMT. At the same time, there are certain things you need to take care of or say avoid during your preparation. Listed below are few of them. Hope they prove to be useful:

  • Avoid Excessive Stress

Working hard is one thing but is should not be a reason for your stress. Being in a tense state is not going to help. You need to understand that you will be able to focus only with a peaceful mind. Keep yourself calm and have faith in your potential. Practice meditation for 15 to 20 minutes a day. This helps in relaxing your mind and body, gives you the energy to concentrate and helps you attain mental peace.

  • Do not waste time

Time is a very important factor. It flies with the speed of light. You have to be very careful with time management. Do not waste your time in outing with friends, phone calls, visitors, and other distractions. Keep yourself engaged only with your studies with your goal in your mind. Make an effective schedule to plan your day and be a rigorous follower. Include short breaks in the timetable between your study time to refresh yourself. You need to be very sincere with time as you cannot afford to waste a single minute.

  • Don’t ignore your mistakes.

While solving sample papers, previous year’s question papers and mock tests make a note of your mistakes. Work on these errors to avoid repeating them in future or in the exam to be precise. Ignoring these mistakes and moving forward will prove to be hazardous for you as the same question might come in the exam leaving you with no answer for the same. Pay attention to the areas that need to be worked upon and rectify your mistakes.

  • Avoid delays

You should start with you preparation as soon as possible. Don’t keep delaying it for the next day. This will only pile up things and you will have a lot on your plate to be covered in very less time. Instead of getting in such a situation, be swift in starting your preparation. An early start will help you save time in the end to revise your course more than once.

  • Do not skip your sleep

It is not at all recommended to skip sleeping and study for late hours. This keeps you drowsy throughout the day next day. Staying low on energy will keep you from developing focus. Sleep on time and at least for 8 hours. This will wake you up fresh and all energized and you will be able to give in your best in your studies.

Avoiding these simple things will help you to give a better performance in your studies.

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