The Professional Stress if killing you – 2 important stress Management tips for web designers!

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The world is full of stress. Well, you won’t be able to find a single person who’s satisfied and content with his or her life. Probably that’s the reason why you can search endless articles and blogs about stress management and dealing with stress. However, most of the stress management contents you’ll find anywhere are generic in nature. Few things you’ll find in all those generic contents for stress management include, eat healthy, sleep well, exercise daily, spend time with family, find solace and so on and on. These tips surely do help in managing your work/home balance, however, they don’t relate to any specific profession like web designing.

After looking for hours and hours to find one piece of content relating the stress management for web designers and failing, we decided to go at it ourselves. So, if you are one of those web design professional looking for some stress management tips, continue to read-on. We are sure you’ll be able to relate to many of these stressful situations and can learn to manage them efficiently.

  1. The anxiety of near future presentation

The Problem:

There’s a big project presentation for affordable website designing Auckland services, around the corner and since it was your project, you’re going to be on display as well with the presentation. Now, most designers aren’t comfortable with presentation skills or public appearances (that’s the domain of marketing professional, right?). So, just like many other designers, you are already anxious about the upcoming presentation and how to deliver it the right way. You think of a million scenarios about everything going to dust in your mine and the anxiety has taken over better of you.

Cracking the Nut:

The best way to deal in such scenarios is to take them as learning opportunity, rather than a performing event. So, rather than thinking about, “How can I give a great presentation?” you should be thinking about, “This is going to be a great opportunity to improve my presenting skills!”

By just changing the thought perspective, you’ll see a dramatic boost in your confidence, coupled with an eagerness to give your best. This, in turn, will paradoxically help you deliver the best ever presentation of your designing work.

Just as a note of consideration, you shouldn’t abandon practicing for presentation utterly. The more you practice, the better you’ll perform at the big occasion.

  1. The dreadful feedbacks from bosses and Clients

The Problem:

Ok, you work in a big website design company in NZ. You have just started your career and this is your first designing assignment to crack. You don’t want to get embarrassed before higher authorities or clients and you ask your peers for a feedback. You got a positive feedback from peers with dozens of improvements tips. Already relating, right? Your heart sinks and you already feel disgusted with your work!

Cracking the Nut:

Have you noted, “First designing assignment” mentioned above? We mean it!

This is a particular problem that mainly daunts new designers, who aren’t yet comfortable in accepting the negative feedback. Besides, it is a human psyche to remember negative comments longer than the positive ones.

Though you will get better in dealing with the negative feedbacks with time, you should probably start accepting it from day one. Many new designers tend to utterly shut down their projects as a defensive reaction against negative comments. However, the best way to handle such scenarios is to open up to maximum reviews and feedbacks. Active efforts for feedbacks will help you open up the brain to accept negative comments as a way forward, rather than getting into the defensive shutdown mode.

Final Notes

Every designer aspires to create the most magical and aesthetically engaging design. The anxiety is simply the byproduct of their aspirations for the final outcome. Remember, this same feeling or anxiety will eventually transform into a feeling of euphoria once you know how to crack the nut on stress management. Remember, when working professionally, learning the psychological problems is also part of the job and the quicker you learn the better you’ll be able to focus on professional duties.

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