The Best Paying Technology Majors in College

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Technology is a major industry where people are making a fortune. Every single day, a new app is developed. Sure, out of every five hundred apps, only one may start to bring in a profit, but it is worth keeping your aspirations high. You could be ranked among the world’s richest people with a technology degree. Indeed, the whole future will be riding the cyber highway. If you are left behind, you may not be able to secure a high paying job.

This is exactly why it can help to know what technology degrees make the most money. Some degrees may only offer a small salary, while others could land you in the six to seven figure range. Even if you don’t become your own boss, with your own developed app or web platform, you could become a highly sought after programmer. Right now, there is a bidding war for the best programmers. Here are some of the best paying technology majors in college.

Computer Science

One of the highest paid technology degrees is in computer science. With this degree, you can pretty much apply for any tech job and have a good shot of landing the position. There are a lot of companies out there looking for talented computer scientists to do everything from evaluate systems to streamline software. There are many colleges, like Maryville University, that offer great computer science degrees.

Data Programming

If you have a love of programming and building with ones and zeros, then you may want to think about getting your degree in data programming. As a data programmer, your job will most likely be in the ranks working on a major website or application. These major websites and apps need round the clock programmers to do everything from build new systems and updates, to improving the product that a social media platform offers.

Information Technology Management

As many businesses start to enter the digital age, some later than others, there will be a need for someone with a technology degree to take over the management of systems. Of course, these companies won’t be looking for a general technology degree – they will be looking for a degree in information technology management. These companies will need someone smart and inclined to fix major roadblocks in a corporation’s digital ranks. You may also be tasked with leading an IT team to fix bugs and other problems.

Database Administration

Each and every major company or government agency will have a database center. Instead of renting servers, these companies actually buy and install the servers and have their own source of connectivity. As a database administration, it will be your job to make sure that everything is connected and not running slow. Becoming a database admin can be a demanding, but exhilarating job.

Game Design

On top of everything, you may want to enter game design. As a game designer, you could be tasked with designing everything from the look of a game to the way a game is played. If you are an avid gamer, this can be an incredibly exciting career. In the end, not only will you get to be creative everyday – you will also be able to make a large salary.

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