The Best Careers for Computer Science Majors

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If you have a computer science major, you are in a really good place. Right now, there are countless positions in multiple different industries that are not just looking for people with computer science and programming degrees – they are practically begging for qualified candidates. This is especially the case in technology rich and dominant parts of the country and world.

For instance, Silicon Valley’s tech companies are bursting at the seams and are looking for programmers, graphic designers, data base managers, and more, to look after their apps and web platforms. As these technology giants grow, the more demand there is.  The key is to find a position that you love. If you have a particular love of computer science, though, there is a good chance that you will fall into something that is quite lucrative. Here are the best careers for computer science majors.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

One of the highest paying, and most exciting, careers in the computer science field is that of a CIO, or Chief Information Officer. This can be quite a job. Not only do you have an entire business’ digital infrastructure on your hands, you also have to worry about cyber attacks and more. As the CIO of a company, you are a little bit like a cyber general.

Information and Database Architecture.

Of course, if you can’t handle the responsibility, or don’t want to manage other employees, you may want to become a person that builds the database and the information web. As an information and database architect, you will build unique solutions to major businesses. Moreover, you may come up with dialogue needed to build applications that can further streamline a business’ operations. There are many colleges, like Norwich University, that will help you garner a degree that could get your foot in the door of this industry.

Game Designer and Programming

If you have a love for computer or video games, you may want to think about entering the exciting world of game design and programming. As a game designer, you will have the opportunity to do everything associated with development, from designing the layout to writing the storyline. If you are particularly talented, you may be tasked with bigger and bigger jobs. For instance, you could be in charge of designing a legacy game – a game that has been around for a while but needs constant updating.

Computer Coding

Of course, you could also land the amazing position of computer coding. As a coder, you may work in the ranks of a large technology company or design a new web platform. Your job will be to work out kinks in previous coding, killing bugs and you may in charge of improving upon the system. As a coder, you could be in a position of landing a very high salary.

Hardware Builder

On top of everything, you may want to become a hardware builder. As a hardware builder, your job will be to create housing for some of the most complicated and delicate technologies. With a degree in hardware design, you may be spending your days in lab working with clay models and more. In the end, this is the ultimate job if you love computers and design.

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