Steps to Use Time-tracking Software for Beginners

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Living in a digital world has its own benefits. You can easily keep an accurate track of each and every activity. When people all around the globe are connected to each other, it is no difficulty connecting the people in your work environment in a more efficient way. Time-tracking software is the easiest way to do replace the traditional methods of timekeeping. A free timesheet software demo or a trial version could change your mind towards adopting the digital way to keep time records of your employees.

In the hustle and bustle of corporate life, people hardly have the time to concentrate on tasks other than those which are strictly related to business. In that case, maintaining attendance records of employees and other schedules becomes an extra responsibility for which extra manpower is required. But, with the advent of timekeeping software, such tasks are not a matter of worry anymore.

How to Use Time-tracking Software

Timesheet software is designed to make tasks easier for administration and workspace management. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to be able to use one. In fact, these days you can find such software with user-friendly interface and advanced features which make it fun to handle time-tracking. Here are the steps to use time-tracking software:

  • There will be certain items in your timesheet which you can pin or unpin. But you cannot remove items from the timesheet which has already been installed. You can try all these options for no charges in free timesheet software.
  • To create a timesheet, you can click on the relevant button and you will be given two options- one to enter a weekly timesheet so that you can track the number of hours worked by the employee. The second option will be to enter a single activity for which you can track the duration.
  • You can add employee names and number of hours worked by that particular employee. You can also find the option of billing which means depending on the number of hours worked by the employee, the payroll is generated. However, to include overtime as an item of payroll, you must enter it manually.
  • If you want to create batch timesheets, you have the option to create weekly timesheets. You just have to choose multiple name options and select employee names. After you have filled up the timesheet, you can save and close it.
  • You can track single activities by selecting the date of the time from the calendar. Then, you have to enter the duration of the activity and select the employee name. Finally, you need to use the start and stop time to create a record. If the activity is billable, you can put that on the record too.

The best feature of using timesheets is that you can take a screenshot of any record you wish to have. Moreover, if you wish to take printouts of the timesheets you have created, you can do so too.


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