Smart Ways to Save Money on Home Electronics

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We certainly love our electronic devices—especially when those devices are in our homes.

Home electronics, such as televisions, audio equipment, DVD players and computers, make up nearly 20 % of our electricity use. As a result, our monthly bills are outrageously high, which is a shame because they could easily cost us less. And with a little consumer savvy thinking, customer research and peer consultation, you will find numerous opportunities to save on home electronics.

With the New Year a beckoning, it’s time to make a change, and what better place to start than with saving money. Here are several consumer savvy ways to save cash with home electronics.

When in Doubt, Plug it Out 

Whether it is laziness or simply not knowing, we tend to keep our technology on all day and night. As a result, our energy bills skyrocket and you’re left scratching your head in frustration and bewilderment. When not in use, make it a habit of turning off any and all electronic products. From the printer to the lava lamp, from the coffee maker to the cell phone charger, become accustom to turning them ALL off. If this seems like a tiresome and taxing inconvenience, you may want to consider installing a universal power cord, which turns off multiple devices all at once.

Bundle Home Entertainment

There are several viable service providers who offer their customers great options to save money—take advantage of them!

Invest in a bundling opportunity, which combines buying services together for a lower price than buying services individually. For example, some Internet bundling options offer high-speed Internet access with premium satellite television for competitive rates.

Sell your Old Devices

This suggestion may seem dated and irrelevant, being as though few electronic-users invest in older products; however, this is very much not the case. The truth is, customers young and old are looking for great deals, and you might just have what they are looking for. If your device is still in good (or decent) condition, and you no longer have any use for them, there is no harm in selling that product on the multiple online sites that sell used products.

Smart Ways to Save Money on Home Electronics

Learn to Become a Better Negotiator 

If striking up a conversation with a retailer regarding a better deal is not something you particularly partake in, now is the time to start changing that mentality. You would be surprised how just by asking can get you a much better deal than what its initial price is. Additionally, many retailers may have deals or specials that you may be unaware of, so make it a habit of asking before settling on a purchasing decision.

Limit your Kids In-App Purchases

If you have children, there is strong likelihood that they are purchasing an undisclosed amount of in-app purchases. Today’s kid-friendly mobile devices make it extremely simple for kids to buy apps with just a touch of a button—make sure to have a sit down with them and explain the financial burden they may be costing you.

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