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If you run a company of any kind, there’s no doubt the telephones ring a lot. There are fantastic professional telephone services now available to help deal with incoming and outgoing calls. You can get on with other work while call handling personnel answer the phone or make calls on your behalf. It’s also a cost-effective way of handling overflow calls during:-

  1. Busy times
  2. Staff holidays
  3. The middle of the night

This unique telephone service is available 24/7 which means you can carry on a normal 9-5 working day and not worry that any calls will be missed. Your customers or people you provide services for, can always speak to a real person, no matter when they ring.

Highly trained receptionists

Expect highly trained receptionists to answer telephone calls when they are routed through to call answering services. Clients always receive a professional response to any questions or queries they may have. Messages taken can then be emailed, sent as a text message or faxed to the contact in your company to deal with the matter in hand without delay.

Keep your business operations working well by using telephone services, call handling or virtual receptionists. All of your telephone calls will be answered efficiently and professionally. No matter what the level of service you require, your phones will be answered immediately, keeping overheads low.

Why not organise a free trial?

To get an idea of how telephone services work, why not arrange a free trial to see why call handling services could help you. All you need to do is send an email, request a call back or if you need more info, complete an online form with:-

  1. Your name and company name
  2. Email address
  3. Telephone number

You will soon hear back from an adviser on what the next step to take is.

How about asking what the following services involve at the same time?

  • Message taking – as the name implies, this is when your telephone calls are answered quickly by call handling experts. They act as your own personal assistant or receptionist with messages being forward to you asap either by email, fax or SMS.
  • Emergency responses – should you need out of office telephone cover, there’s a 24 hour emergency response service. All calls are managed quickly and efficiently according to your instructions. Whenever any type of emergency arises, speed and accuracy is the key. You can expect great customer support to all of your clients and you’re able to update your call out/escalation rota at any time.
  • Virtual receptionists – virtual receptionist services include telephone calls being answered by experienced staff. They will then relay messages to you to be dealt with promptly. There’s 24/7 live cover and also a dedicated account manager who will make sure the service keeps running smoothly. Expect no limit to the volume of calls that can be answered.
  • Overflow handling – this service is perfect when your phone is unattended, you don’t want to be disturbed or are busy. Programme it to divert calls automatically to a proficient and cost-effective overflow call handling service. Flexible call handling support services provide extra staff whenever you need them. This is especially handy when your staff are at lunch, are on holiday or ill.
  • Media response and brochure request – telephone enquiries about your new sales campaigns or recruitment advertisements will be handled efficiently under this umbrella. Applicants for jobs or potential clients won’t be impressed if their calls aren’t answered and may not call again. Marketing initiatives and recruitment drives can be easily maximised via media response and brochure request teams. You won’t miss out on a new business opportunity because staff have been too busy to answer a call either from a new customer or a potential candidate.
  • Temporary and holiday cover – it’s only natural you and your staff need to take time off from work during the year. Whether you need holiday or temporary telephone cover, your calls will always be answered. You decide how messages are delivered to you or catch up with the PA working for your company at a time when it’s more suitable. There’s no need to give the impression to clients that your business is closed when taking a holiday. Temporary cover is also a good way to ensure not a single telephone call is ignored or unanswered.

Check out outbound marketing services too. A professional team of dedicated specialists will ensure your database is right up to date with the right data fields to make your marketing become more effective. For instance if you have details of new clients from an exhibition, key event or trade show, online message taking companies can format the data in preparation for the next stage.

For out of date databases, consultants can remove duplicate entries and check addresses. When a database is right up to date, you will reap the benefits in getting in touch with the right people at the correct addresses.

Need any advice? Just ask

When using a new service like telephone call handling, you will probably need to ask certain questions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with online experts regarding:-

  • A crisis that may pop up
  • Business continuity
  • Prompt and efficient responses

Any telephone call needs to be handled the right way so that messages get to the right person as soon as possible. Online call handling experts ensure this happens each and every time the phone is picked up.

How to make contact

It couldn’t be easier to make contact to use the services of virtual receptionists, message takers, overflow call handling or outbound services. An email or phone call will suffice or alternatively complete an online enquiry form with your:-

  1. Name
  2. Organisation
  3. Daytime telephone number
  4. Email address
  5. Message

Expect a quick reply so you can begin to use professional telephone call handling services from today. When it comes to business, communication’s the key.

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