LG G7 might become the ticket of new-fashioned desires

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LG G6 is the first smartphone, which supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10 – technologies that were previously only available on television, with high contrast, making colors more realistic, increasing the viewing angle. But in this case, for most modern video content, they are useless. In any case, the image on the screen G6 differs in saturated colors, high detail and high quality as a whole. Although the display diagonal is 5.7 inches in size, PHABLET LG, less than any other smartphone with a diagonal, and it’s not always good for applications on its screen holds less data than a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. To have a superlative smartphone with ultra-vivid colors and high picture quality is the yearning of every customer and who knows, in the near future, the upcoming beast LG G7 is able to become the ticket of your desire with its supreme features’ qualities and futuristic display.


LG G6 runs on OS Android 7.0 Nougat with current security patches. The user interface of the LG installed on top of Android makes better use of screen capabilities of 18: 9. You can include the application tray, place the application on multiple home screens and change themes. G6 is ideal for multi-window mode, giving each app a perfect square. The mode is activated by long pressing on the Android menu. Several applications have been added, such as Quick Memo +, LG Health and Tasks. There is also a messaging service, a file manager, music player, calendar, and more. Hope, LG G7 will make the grade for our hankering of using a versatile rapid smooth runner smartphone with multitasking abilities, opted for latest technologies.

During shooting, LG G6 phone screen is divided into 2 parts: you can watch at the same time for the next and previous images. Wide-angle camera function is not supported in the main application, which is why many people can miss them. Grid Shot combines 4 pictures or video collage that allows you to create a short story and share it on social networks. Other modes like Match Shot, where two shots are combined, and Guide Shot, where it is a convenient transparent cover, help to maintain the position or composition. With the excellence picture eminence of the 12MP front camera and 22MP Dual lens back camera of LG G7, the upcoming beast will make a huge hit in the market. LG G7 is very enthralling and is ready to compete with its major rivals.

Talking further about LG G6, you need to hold down the button «Home» to launch Google Assistant voice assistant. The system is stable; there is no compatibility issues, no crashes, and differences from Android does not irritate. Proprietary shell UX 6.0 is convenient and pleasant to drive, do not have to replace it with another launcher. The enthusiastic news for LG G7 is that the forthcoming hero will be proved a very cheerful and joyful smartphone with its smart Artificial Intelligence system. The lovely virtual assistant similar to human intelligence, known to many languages is a fascinating pretty feature of the device LG G7.

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