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Apart from a few, almost all bacteria are considered as most dreadful enemies to human wellbeing. Their adverse affect just not threatens the survival and health of animals and plants but also on human being who depend on them directly as well as indirectly. Researches affirm that varieties of viral, bacterial and fungal ailments from minor to life-threatening are caused by varied microorganisms.

And for this, flawless identification of bacterial character and pathogen revealing, has been an essential need for accurate disease diagnosis, management of infection. Needs no mention that disease outbreak is related with the error-free detection of microbial issues and effective management of the same. Bacterial identification procedures are nowadays employed in widespread applications comprising microbial forensics, criminal investigations, environmental studies and bio-terrorism threats, these days.

If you’re an organization, establishment or society and has been looking for a specialist group for any kind of bacterial identification, for you, the best option is San Air Technologies Laboratory. Based in Powhatan, Virginia SanAir Technologies is a state-of-the-art laboratory and research group and has been focused on environmental microbiology, bacterial, asbestos and lead identification and advisory. The high profile analyst group is certified by American Industrial Hygiene Association toward Environmental Microbiology and also by National Voluntary Laboratories Accredited Program for Airborne and Bulk Asbestos Fiber Analysis.

Unlike the average research groups that still go with the traditional methods for bacterial identification process, SanAir Technologies undertake real time methodologies including PCR and DNA procedures that help in superior detection and analysis.   Real time PCR has been globally acknowledged as highly advanced systems that enables in correct identification, quantization and categorization of bacteria at a variety level. By analysis of DNA based examination, it is possible to identify bacterial strains out of sample received in the easiest way.

Outfitted with a highly talented pool of Microbiological scientists, research fellows, analysts and advisors San Air Technologies Laboratory is expert in identification and advisory to any kind of toxic elements and environmental pollutants. Being an extremely knowledgeable group in environmental microbiology its experts can effectively study the varied composition and functioning of microbial elements available in the surroundings. Whereas the environment combines a series of components like the soil, air, water and other elements other than the plant and animal life, backed by effective and advanced microbiological analysis, study of different microorganisms and their character is now possible.

SanAir group has been acknowledged by ELITE or Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation for comprehensive examination of environmental Legionella. With its dedicated support to hundreds of thousands of clients spread all over the United States and abroad, the company has solidified its presence, and is multiplying its developmental phase. This has become possible due to its highly expert team, new generation research procedures and employment of latest mechanisms. With this, it ensures absolutely flaw free identification of the hazardous metals and elements including asbestos, lead, LIGIONELLA and all other environmental contaminants. Thus, if you are in search of an expert group for detection and analysis of any class of dangerous elements laying in your property, industry or locale, get its sample and send to SanAir Technologies for necessary advises.

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