Is Your Business at Risk for an Online Data Attack?

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Most small businesses are prime targets for hackers. According to the National Security Alliance,  about half of small businesses have been hacked, suffering a breech in their online security. Hackers tend to choose small businesses over large corporations because small businesses often lack strong security, making it far easier for hackers to break into confidential data information.

As a small business trying to make a name for itself in the business community, it is imperative you take the necessary precautions to protect your business from a severe security breech. If names, records, and other financial information makes its way into the wrong hands, it is unlikely you will re-gain the trust of your clients and gain trust of any potential clients.

All small businesses are at risk for an online attack, but with the proper tools, you can help to protect your company and prevent an attack.

Protect Your Business by Investing in the Right Software

Protecting the personal and valuable information of your business records, financials, and clients’ information should be your business’s top priority. Should any information be leaked or stolen, your business will desperately be attempting to regain control. Moreover, should client’s be unhappy enough, they very well may sue your business for privileged information being leaked.

The best means of protecting your company is to invest in the best security software, software like Business continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) software from Scale Matrix. Not only can the right software give your company its best chance at remaining protected against a hacker, should an emergency situation arise, such as national disaster or a computer crash, most softwares have already backed-up all information, ensuring that it does not get lost or get placed in the wrong hands.

Is Your Business at Risk for an Online Data Attack

Inform Employees of a Data Security Policy

One employee mistake can lead to an opening for a hacker, from accidentally viewing files in an unprotected manner to reading a spam email on a work computer’s server. Seemingly harmless mistakes can be detrimental for a business’s security, thus it is important to make sure all employees are aware of the security measures to take while at work.

A data security policy should detail the basics of data security, while also giving pertinent information about what situations to avoid or be aware of. For instance, spam emails are one of the best tools a hacker has at his or her disposal, for once the attachment has been opened, it has already released malware and viruses onto the server. Make sure employees are aware of what to look for in a spam email in order to avoid responding or opening up a risky attachment.

Keep Hard Copies in a Safe Place

In today’s digital age, most people store all files online, in a cloud server, or on an external hard drive. However, in the event you do have hard copies, it is important to keep them locked up in a safe place. In some cases, hackers tap into something in order to gain information about something completely unrelated. They divert your attention in one area in order to take something from another area. Should a hacker be working with a team, they could potentially be hacking into the system in order to see a company’s weakest points, using the information they found to physically break into a building in hopes of getting hard copies of the business’s records. Keeping all important documents in a safe place will help to protect your business.

Be Careful About Who Knows What Information

Regardless of how much you trust your employees, important information, including passwords, should not be told to everyone. Only those who are in a position of authority should know passwords or other information about business accounts. The less information that is known, the less chance there is for the information to be leaked.

Moreover, when setting up security for business accounts, use a two-factor authentication system, as it helps to reduce the chance of your business being hacked. Two separate steps or identifiers makes it much harder for a hacker, thereby protecting your business information.

Taking the necessary precautions to keep your business safe will help to provide your business with a secure, stable future.

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