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Identifying When you Need to Upgrade your RAM

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Many of us rely heavily on our laptops and being mobile nowadays is something that is considered to be the norm. Long gone are the days when you can only answer an email when you are in front on your desktop PC and now we have everything from smartphones to laptops and tablets that we can use to keep in constant contact. If you are someone who treats their laptop like an extension of yourself, then you will likely benefit from increasing the memory on your laptop – also known as the RAM (Random Access Memory). This is easy to do through a professional company and allows you to better multitask, especially if you are a power user rather than a light user.


So, how do you know what type of user you are?

The amount of time you spend on your laptop will affect whether or not you will benefit from getting the memory upgraded. However, it isn’t only about the amount of time that you spend on your laptop but also about what you do on it.

For Example: You might spend a lot of time on your laptop but if you are only browsing the internet you may not need more RAM. But if you are a power user that spends time using applications such as Photoshop, then you will instantly benefit from upgrading the memory capacity.

Here’s a summary:

Light Users: If you just use programmes like YouTube or IM, then you probably don’t need to upgrade your RAM. However, you should double check by looking at your Resource Monitor, as this will tell you how much space you have free, as well as outline exactly where your memory is being used.

Power Users: Anyone who uses their laptop for programmes such as Photoshop will ideally need to have a laptop with a minimum of 4GB but preferably up to 8GB. The more memory you have, the faster your laptop will perform and heavy editing or audio and video usage will need to have 4GB upwards of RAM to work well.

As many of us use our laptops for all kinds of jobs at the same time, it will be beneficial to have more RAM installed. Upgrading your laptop’s memory is a good way to avoid investing in a new machine when your current one works perfectly fine and how much of a difference the additional memory will make to your user experience will always depend on how you use your machine.

Fast RAM Facts

Here are some facts about how the memory of a laptop works:

  • When you use all of your memory, your laptop will start using the hard drive instead
  • This will cause the laptop to slow down when performing even the simplest of functions
  • Heavy-usage of multiple tabs can cause a laptop to perform slower if the memory is full or nearing full
  • Additional RAM will allow you to open multiple tabs at one time at much faster speeds

For Example: Running a web browser such as Google Chrome can take up around 3GB of memory, so if you only have 4GB of RAM on your laptop you will soon start to experience a slow-down when you begin to run other programmes or open more than one tab up at a time. Increasing your laptop memory allows you to enjoy a better user experience with your laptop and it is a far cheaper option than investing in a completely new computer when you don’t actually need one.

Analyse your Usage

If you are experiencing a slow-running laptop and you want to know if increasing the memory will help it to perform faster, you will need to open up the Resource Monitor, which comes with Windows 7. This will show you what resources are being used at any one time as well as what they are doing. You will need to check out the Hard Faults graph that will give you information about how many times Windows forced an application into the pagefile due to a lack of available memory. You will be able to see if you are pushing your laptop to its limits memory-wise and you can use this information to decide if you need to upgrade the RAM.

64-Bit Windows

However, upgrading your RAM isn’t the only thing that you might need to do, as a 32-bit version of Windows XP, Vista or 7 can only support 4GB of RAM. This means you will need to get a 64-bit version of Windows installed onto the laptop if you want to use all of the additional RAM that you put onto your laptop.

It is also a good idea to contact a specialist company to see what they advise, as they will be able to give you educated information about what you will need to do to your laptop to enhance the performance speed.

Full Speed Ahead

Having a laptop that runs at its optimum speed is important for anyone who relies on it for work.

Here are some of the times when a laptop is essential:

  • On the daily commute to work
  • On a bus, plane or train
  • In between meetings
  • Whilst travelling abroad for work or leisure
  • At home
  • Whenever you are out of the office
  • If you need to take a morning, a day or a week or more off from the office

Whether your kids are off school for the day and you need to stay at home or you have to travel from meeting to meeting on trains and buses, a laptop can be a great way to help you to keep up to date with everything from social media updates to emails and Skype conferences.

Basically, the more RAM your laptop has the more work you can do on it at one time and being able to open multiple tabs and applications is a basic necessity for most people who own a laptop.

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