How to keep followers close on Instagram and continue to prosper in social media marketing

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If you’ve started working on an Instagram marketing strategy you are most likely on the right path because the platform is currently on fire from numerous points of view. While it is a consumer favorite, it is also an amazing opportunity to promote and deploy campaigns due to the ridiculous number of people using services like Instagram or Facebook. The latter has had its fair share of marketing and while that’s still going strong, Instagram seems to be the preferred location for many business owners when it comes to reaching a very large number of people, which in turn might be the reason why many are cutting in line to buy instagram likes.

Here are some things that are bound to help you build a sturdy marketing effort on Instagram by applying follower management principles:

The feeling of exclusivity

Instagram users love feeling apreciated and that the information they are privy to is exclusive to them and the others that are following your Instagram. On that note, it’s a great approach to nurture that feeling by providing them with valuable information such as dates and release dates for various products, services or events, as well as rewards that only go to Instagram followers. These rewards can be anything from coupons to free products.

A popular usage of the photo sharing capabilities of Instagram is to reward people that come around to check out your Instagram account with behind the scenes photos or footage. Depending on what it is that you or your company do, this can be a great opportunity to reward your loyal fanbase with some picture from “the making of” your product.

Gratification through response

When regular people are engaging in conversation with entities such as celebrities or companies, the general feeling is that it is in vain because they don’t get a reply. On Instagram, make sure you keep your followers close and respond to their comments always. This will help strengthen the bond between you and help build further on the already existing marketing infrastructure which you have been developing on the social media outlet.

Requesting followers to do their part

On the same note of making followers feel appreciated, you can ask them to shares things further to their friends or acquaintances. This will produce a chain effect in which you are the main beneficiary because your content is being spread around the internet in a very alarmed rate and with basically no expense at all. You plea individually on their direct message pages, or create a general statement message which asks for re-shares of what it is that you’ve uploaded. This is a lot easier and faster and not to mention cheaper than traditional means of refreshing a marketing endeavor.

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