How to create a secure and perfect password

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Ever wondered how secure is your password? If you use passwords like “12345” or “qwerty” or your phone number, sorry to say but you’re a complete idiot. With Brute Force attacks, hackers can make 8 million guesses a second so don’t fool your mind that you’re safe.

Here are some safeguards that will help you create an easily memorable password for different sites so that you know you are safe.

 Check your existing password

Never use single words as your passwords, they’re prone to dictionary attacks that run through every word of the language at a lightning speed and are often the first ones to be cracked in a brute force attack. So, make it a habit to use multiple words along with a combination of other types of characters to make it secure.

Make it long

According to renowned Security experts a password must contain a minimum of 12-14 characters. A 14 – character password will take a minimum of 811 trillion guesses in order to crack it. even passwords with eight characters can be hacked in a matter of hours.

Quite less proportion of people in the world has passwords of length more than 12 characters which is quite understandable as remembering long passwords can be tough.

 Passphrase not password

For instance, the password “Magazine” will be cracked instantly, changing it to “IReadTheMAgazine” might take about two years to crack. Change it to “EveryDayIReadTheMagazine” and it will take upward billions of years to bust open, according to the password checking sites.

It’s always a better idea to use passphrases instead of passwords. Take a line from your favorite movie or some activity from your daily routine or whatever you may like, phrases are quite easy to remember than a combination of random words. They’re easy to remember but very difficult for hackers to crack.

Don’t use same password for multiple site but use different versions of the same password.

The conventional advice is that you must a have a different password for every website you visit.

If you use same passwords at every site, it’s quite evident that over a period of time your accounts may be compromised.  Or at least in case of a financial site your password must be different.

But then again, retaining a wide variety of passwords can be havoc. But there another alternative approach to this that you can add a suffix or prefix to your passphrase you selected. For example. “IreadmagazinedailyAMAZON” or “IreadmagazinesdailyFACEBOOK”. It’s always about keeping it memorable and simple.

Maintain your digital hygiene

It’s always a good idea to substitute “@” for “a” or “!” for an I but it does not do much good as it can still be cracked in minutes. Don’t use a password that may contain personal information as your family, pet name, or past addresses. Advanced persistent threat groups are known to perform intense profile searches for personal information.

Consider using an online password generator.

Website like can be quite handy in generating effective, secure and memorable passwords. Using an online password generator is totally safe and reliable unlike the disbelief of some people. It works its charm just like any other cool fancy text generator website and your inputs or generated outputs are not stored online. Even if they are the attacker or culprit trying to gain access to your account won’t be able to know about the associated account with your password


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