How To Choose Your White Label SEO Provider Wisely

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White label SEO helps you to get SEO related projects done by another digital marketing company so that you can sell them under your name. You can opt for white label SEO services when you don’t have enough resources to meet your client’s SEO requirements. Also, if you already have an in-house SEO team but they are swamped with work you can outsource the extra work to another agency that provides SEO reseller programs. This way, you can retain the client and earn more without actually working on it.

There are many benefits of hiring awhite label SEO Company but you can actually enjoy these benefits only if the company that you’re hiring is good enough. There are hundreds of SEO reseller programs offered by different digital marketing companies and you must choose wisely before you sign up for a contract. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right white label SEO company and the most appropriate SEO reseller program:

Scalable results

You never know when you’ll need 500 backlinks together for a client to make sure that you check if the white label seo company that you’re tying up with has the resources to deliver scalable results.

Expertise in the niche

As your client base grows, you will need to work with different niches and if you’re collaborating with a white label company for SEO related projects try to choose according to their expertise in the particular niche. Today, there are very few digital marketing companies that try to hit specific targets and it’s important that they do. What they basically do is to use almost all the keywords so that the website will get ranked at least something. Also, you cannot get the same quality of content from all the companies. For example, SEO content writers who are good at beauty content may not be great with technical content.

Tools to monitor progress

Your clients look up to you for progress reports of the marketing campaign and as the reseller, you need to get these reports from the white label company who is handling the SEO end of the project. To make sure that regular analysis of the progress is done, you need to check is the company that you’re hiring uses the latest tools. Most of the good digital marketing companies that provide white label SEO services use paid versions of the tools to get a detailed analysis done.

Only white hat SEO techniques

White hat SEO techniques are the regular and straightforward techniques used by digital marketing companies to get their client’s websites to rank well. Some companies resort to black hat SEO techniques which are frowned upon. Even though black hat SEO techniques can yield short-term results, they will hurt your clients pretty bad in the long run. So, make sure that the company that you’re hiring is trustworthy and will not resort to black hat SEO techniques.

Try connecting with their previous clients

Try talking to the previous clients of the company about their service, response time, and pricing. Also, ask the company to send you the links of the published work that they’ve done for their previous clients so that you can get a better idea of the quality of their work.

Experience of the company is the SEO business

Also, try to do some background check on the company and its experience in the SEO field. Try to know who the main team members and team leads are who will be working on your project if you sign a contract with the company and know how experienced these employees are.

Payment options

Try to choose a company that has complete transparency when it comes to payment. The payment is usually monthly or annually and the amount depends on the type of project and the work done. Try to choose a billing cycle that will go hand in hand with the billing cycle of your company with the particular client.


The company’s availability is something crucial when it comes to a joint effort. You must be able to reach them any time of the day in case of emergencies and they should be responsive as well.

How up to date are they?

Search Engine Optimization is a field that keeps evolving almost every day since digital marketers are finding new techniques to match with the updates of Google. So, check if the company is up to date before signing up for a project with them.

Company with an office

It’s always better to collaborate with a company that has an office so that there’s some place you can go up to if needed. The company need not be close to you, but having an office anywhere in the world is also a big plus point.

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