How To Choose Top SD-WAN Vendors Here’s A Quick Guide

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Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is used to by many businesses that need to have flexibility in maintenance and scaling for their network. Top SD-WAN vendors will market similar features such as connectivity management, adaptable routing and toughened security. Knowing exactly what to look for when purchasing your SD-WAN is important to ensure that you’re getting your IT the correct infrastructure technologies they need.


First and foremost, you have to understand why many businesses are shifting to SD-WAN. The most common reasons an enterprise may be interested in SD-WAN include:

* Ability to control and monitor the quality of service (QoS) to prioritize the connection for the most important applications used by the company

* Greatly reduce direct WAN traffic which gives better upstream and downstream for everyone that connects through the router

* Instead of individually connecting between two points, all traffic can be routed to the fastest routes possible

* Management is easier due to multiple administrative tools that usually come with the SD-WAN backend

* Compared to older technologies, transferring large files such as compressed backups is faster due to modern protocols

What questions should I ask?

Choosing among the Top SD-WAN vendors may seem daunting at first especially if you’re unaware of what to look for. Here’s a handful of things that you can take note of to make it easier for you. You may have to change the aspects of these details and adapt them to the nature of your business if you have to.

How long will it take to set everything up?

A business that relies heavily on either the internet or intranet may find it impossible to operate during the SD-WAN setup. Most vendors will say that setting up the SD-WAN is seamless and requires little to no adjustments when everything’s said and done.

Can my business carry on without interruptions?

If you operate a business that doesn’t rely too much on IT, this may be fine. Most SD-WAN vendors offer zero-touch provisioning. If you already have a team that handles your network, they should be consulted for truly seamless integration.

What protocols does the vendor support?

It’s important to know if the vendor of the SD-WAN supports the routing protocols that your company is using or is planning to use. Common protocols such as Open Shortest Path First and Border Gateway Protocol are the usual go-to’s.

Will I be using up-to-date technologies?

Modernization of the infrastructure should be done while you’re ahead, so go ahead and add IPv6 support as well if it’s possible. Different protocols use different hardware and software. You should find out whether the hardware you have to use must come from them.

What’s the vendor’s guarantee?

SD-WAN or not, anything that handles the routing of your company’s connection should have a functionality guarantee from the vendor. Will their equipment or applications be able to detect downtime within 100 milliseconds? If not, what software will your IT use to diagnose issues?
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