How to choose Short, Flashy and Simple Domain Name

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Consider then researching a niche that is highly sought after by people, who at the same time is profitable, or who generates revenue and on top of that and you look for an available domain name and choose one for you related to the niche you choose. Check out premium domain names for sale also.

Try to be creative in choosing the name for your domain, choose a name that is flashy and at the same time short and simple, so you can make it easier to both view and type.

Avoid going beyond letters by placing hyphens and numbers, look for a short name that is easy to remember, and remember the name when you want to return to your site. But a reminder that it needs to be simple as there are short names but they are not at all simple. This can cause typing errors. To prevent them, do not take domains with double character, for example, or Also, do not use hyphen or extra dot between words in domain name.

The easier the time to access your site implies that it will be better for you, so do not hamper things, think about it.

Create domain name with SEO in mind

Look for the name that will give your domain if it is highly sought by users, as this detail is very important for the traffic of your blog. About it, learn here more info >.

Not that this is a determining factor for the success of your blog, but it can have some effect.

Many people also only think about optimizing the blog when they are beginning to write their first articles, but I advise that it should be optimized since its inception.

It has blogs name that has nothing to do with the name of the domain. For example, my domain is, the name of my blog is Blog Marketing Online and if you type in Google, the name of my blog will realize that it will be one of the first ones.

Try to leave the name of your site equal to the name of your domain, remembering that today is not a determining factor, because even in the matter of ranking can help your site, let’s say that a person does not remember exactly the name of his domain, he can just type and search Google for the site name and he’ll easily find it.

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