How to choose a best AC according to your needs

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Since the past few years, Air Conditioners have

become more of a necessity than a luxury, reason being the temperatures that are rising at such extreme levels. So it is comforting attribute to every household, but how do you know which AC to choose. Here are a few aspects one must take into consideration while choosing a best AC according to ones needs:


As I earlier mentioned it is slowly becoming a necessity, it may not be affordable for all. The main step before evening thinking about purchasing a AC is that you have to check if you have a budget for it. Then within your budget you will have further more options to choose from.


After deciding a budget, you have to look for the brand you want to go in for. Usually well known brands such as LG, Panasonic, Onida, Lloyd, etc are the most customer appreciated brands. Other than these, there are several other brands offering various prices according to your need, But one should keep in mind the brand service and qaulity before making a purchase.

Types of AC

Once You have decided the brand, the other aspect to look into is what type of an AC you want. When it comes to domestic use, there are basically two types:

  1. Window AC: here the main system is mounted on a window with the generator system towards the out side of the window and the air flowing slits face the room. These kinds of ACs are very cheap and can easily provide cooling for a small to medium sized room. The disadvantages here are that one needs a window in their room big enough to accommodate the Air Conditioning System and at the same time not compromise on the functionality of the window.

  1. Split AC: Just as the name suggests here the typical window AC is split into two separate parts and only the air flowing slits are kept inside the room. Here a rectangular machine is mounted on the wall in the room and the other generator is mounted outside the house (mostly behind the wall where the split console is mounted) and these two are connected via pipes. The advantage here is that one doesn’t need to sacrifice on their window space and at the same time it can provide cooling to a medium to large room. The disadvantage here is that these are costlier compared to window ACs.

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