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How Android Monitoring App Protects Kids Online Privacy

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When you have kids growing up in this high tech era, you will be the one who will offer them to learn the traits of new technology in the form of mobile devices for them to face and tackle the technical and educational challenges that are heading to their way in coming times. It also makes your kids vulnerable to the devastating consequences of the negativity of social media and other cyber issues that put you or them into trouble. Let’s try to understand this situation starting from the understanding from the basic questions relating to technology and privacy and moving onward to find the state of the art solutions that the technology provides for the problems that it has created by itself.

What is Google Android?

Android is the most popular open source operating system developed by Google. It is the software of choice that all the mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices manufactured by a very long list of mobile hardware vendors like Samsung, Huawei, htc, LG, Sony to name just a few most prominent ones. There are other mobile device manufacturers that have their own Mobile Operating Systems such as Apple, Blackberry, and Microsoft. The Operating System (OS) is software that is extremely crucial in running all the apps. Apps cannot be functional by the mobile OS like Android. Besides this important function Android is also uniquely responsible for many hardware functionalities of a mobile device it runs on.

What is Privacy?

Privacy consists of the measures that are taken to protect the sensitive information regarding a person’s profile that comprises the identity of that individual. It is also the ability of an individual or a group to seclude himself or themselves respectively, thereby being expressive in a selective manner. Individual and group of people have the right to disclose the information regarding themselves in a way that suite their personal preferences.

Children and Kids have to be adequately educated to understand their privacy, and they should be taught to take proper steps to protect their privacy.  As the information highway, the internet is evolving day by day, and as the information is finding new avenues, it is also transforming our definitions and the concept behind privacy and influencing our understanding about how to protect it in an environment that is extremely prone to such issues like identity theft.

Role of Organizations to Address the Situation

Just a little time back the organization named Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) had been pushing the Internet giant software house Google about the way it handles privacy in the educational sector. Parents are advocating EEF to take a role as a watchdog over the privacy issues of kids since the education industry is a very lucrative jackpot for profit hunting corporations like Google.      

In the quest to understand better and educate the children about their privacy concerns has to be taken more seriously by parents and teachers alike especially for the kids under the age of 13 years.

When you give your child a mobile phone, you are giving a piece of technology in the hands that are expected to proceed and succeed to meet the challenges of the modern information era. This action also may lead your kids to trouble and it is necessary to make them understand the issues regarding their privacy that cannot be enough at most of the time. This concern creates a rise in software that is geared towards their protection allowing you to monitor their mobile devices by not only keeping them out of harm’s way but also educating them about their privacy when they go online with their Android mobile devices.

The Solution to Your Kid’s Privacy Problem

One of the most comprehensive solutions for a parent to battle with the challenges faced by kids regarding their privacy problems is to monitor their mobile devices and this can be well done with an app called TheOneSpy that takes some five minutes neatly to download on your kid’s mobile device. It is a step that has to be made once, and it gives you almost unlimited access and a plethora of options that can be used to secretly monitor your child’s activities taking place on the mobile device once planted with this bug.

You can take leverage of the following options of TheOneSpy for Android to efficiently monitor for any form of privacy violations that your child may face.

On a mobile device, there can be only four types of information that can interchange between your child and anyone or anything (such as a bot) on the other side of the internet.

  1. Visual information – Such as images, pictures or videos
  2. Audio information – Encompassing voice chats, calls, and music, etc.  
  3. Text information – Anything taking from text chats to the browsing of web pages.
  4. Tracking information – Locate their whereabouts in an instant.

Android Monitoring app is the most comprehensive solution to intercept and monitor any information that can fall into the above three categories with a plethora of options to manipulate and make natural sense of the information. Once TheOneSpy Android monitoring app is installed on the Android mobile device, you will be opened to a world of opportunity.

  • Visual Information:

Camera Bug:  This option in the TheOneSpy app will allow you be able to remotely take pictures from any of the two cameras built into your child’s mobile device to keep a watch.

Photographs: This will provide you access to all the photos inside the mobile device. It includes the pictures taken from the device itself, downloaded from the internet, received through any other medium such as MMS or file transfers from other devices.

With the help of these tools, you can monitor their devices remotely on your computer with the aid of an online desktop.   

  • Audio information:

Record Calls: You can monitor and record calls from this app even if you are not logged in to your dashboard. All the calls your kid will attend or make will be in your knowledge.

Mic Bug: You can turn on or off the idle phone or tablet’s microphone and listen to the sounds and conversations taking place in the surroundings and make sense of your kid’s environment and the company around him or her. You can also record the voices in the surroundings of the target mobile device.

  • Text information

SMS: You can read all the text messages received and sent through your kid’s android device. You can also know the details of each sender with time and date stamps.

Browser History: Keep an eye on their internet activities and accessing their web browser. Find out which websites are visited and for how long along with downloads that have been made.

Contacts: Get all the information of the connections that your kid has on his mobile device including names, cell and landline numbers, mailing addresses and up to the social media profiles.

Appointments:  Access your kid mobile device’s calendars and reminders. Find out all the dates times of appointments marked in the phones memory.

Bookmarks: You will have access to the bookmarks of the browser that your kid uses.

Remote SMS Command: You can also send commands to the bugged mobile devices. You will have full control over start, stop and pause modes of any app installed on the mobile device.

  • Tracking Information:

Location Tracker: Once you install this app on their mobile device, a mobile GPS tracker is also installed with it at the same time. You can use it to pinpoint the location in real time.

If your kid tried to remove the SIM card or tries to switch the device, you would receive an instant notification via SMS, email or both. You do not need additional licenses for running the TheOneSpy app on Non-Android supported platforms that are iOS and Blackberry and Mac, Computer. A single license allows you to switch your monitoring between an unlimited number of target devices using a single dashboard. There are no typical requirements for android rooting to use the TheOneSpy app.

TheOneSpy app can be the most significant asset for you in your fight for the protection of privacy of your children. Monitoring your children online activities is a strategy that provides you grounds to safeguard against this disturbing issue.

Other measures that can be taken to educate your children for their privacy protection such as making yourself a role model for them. Make sure when they use their Android phones to communicate with strangers, they understand which information they should not give away. Tackling the adverse effects of technology with smarter technology in the form of TheOneSpy app remains to be your most excellent resort for the protection of privacy of your kids.

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