Get a Backup to your Computer: Hard Disk

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A computer contains a lot of data. Hard disks these days have become so common for a professional to get. A hard disk is a part of a unit. Speaking technically, a hard disk is a magnetic disk on which you can store computer data. In the word hard disk the term “hard” refers to distinguish it from a soft, or floppy disk. These days’ hard disks are getting increasingly popular because these hold more data than floppy disks. The hard disks are of two types: External and Internal. Computers have in built hard disk and if it gets short to the user, then need of an external hard disk arises. This offers portability of the huge data at one device. This is the reason it is very popular among the people who travel a lot.

Below are the benefits of having an external hard disk:

  • The first & the obvious thing is that an external hard disk has much higher capacity than flash drives. You can get a 1 TB hard disk and even more than that.
  • Although there are variety of hard disks, and external hard disk with Firewire will work at very high speeds.
  • Portability is a quality of a hard disk that cannot be given less importance because to carry a huge data in small device is a big deal.
  • External hard disks come in flexible capacities to give you more options to buy a suitable device. So depending upon your work requirement you can get one of your choices.

Hard disks are coming from several companies with so many features suitable for the people. Based upon the needs of the user one can consider from 500GB external hard disk to 2TB hard disk. Before buying a Hard disk you must be very clear with what you are seeking. However, below are the things you need to consider before buying a hard disk:

  • Before deciding the size of an external hard disk, it is important to think about which size you need. It will be based upon what work you have to do with it. A thumb rule in purchasing a hard disk is to get a 50% more of what you need now. This is will fit to your future needs.
  • At present there are three major connectivity options in the market: USB, eSATA & Firewire. So far USB 2.0 is the best that gives quick transfer of files. However, you need to look whether your computer has a USB 2.0 port.
  • When it comes to the cost of hard disks, the higher the storage capacity the more the price. So it is not wise that just because you are able to afford a 2 TB hard disk you buy one & then regret later because this much space is of no use for yours. A 2 TB hard disk price is the highest.
  • The last thing is the warranty that comes with the brand. So for the security of the product as well as warranty, you should consider a renowned brand.

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