Galaxy S9 with new charging technique

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The South Korean manufacturer has decided not to force the issue by giving preference to a standard MicroUSB connector to USB Type C. Some enthusiasts it might upset, but the Samsung decision can be called the best for Galaxy S9.

It makes no sense to impose the latest technology if they only complicate the lives of future buyers. The choice in favor of the usual connector allows you to avoid many inconveniences associated with a lot of incompatible accessories. Also today, MicroUSB charging can be found in almost every home or office, and, most likely, will have to charge it at home if you have a discharge unit with USB Type C in Galaxy S9.

New smartphones support the two most popular standard wireless charging. There is a feature fast wireless charging, which speed is not inferior to traditional. At the same time we implemented the technology as quickly as possible wired charging, which allows you to fully charge the unit for 95 minutes (for S8 Edge needed 115 minutes). In 50% of the Galaxy S9 smartphone is being charged for 30 minutes, and a three-minute charge will be enough in the morning for several hours in standby mode with a working Internet connection.

Galaxy S9 will operate on All Android 8.0.1. As might be expected, it has been updated and the TouchWiz proprietary interface, which is increasingly getting rid of the reputation of the braking shell. No hang-ups are no longer observed, even if the phone is heavily loaded with other processes. Smartphones are high performance, reduced power consumption and support a new generation of games with the Vulkan API (responsible for the processing of data and graphics), Game Launcher & Game Tools, are compatible with the Gear VR glasses and smart watches Gear S3. So, the future of Samsung is very interesting with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

From year to year the flagships opportunities are growing, and their starting price is almost unchanged (in the case of dollar value). The official sales points in America in the Galaxy S9 price will be 1000USD. Version with curved display will cost slightly more expensive – 1200 USD. And voiced the date of receipt of the new flagships in the retail network. In America officially buy smartphones in our online store you will be able to on March 18, 2018 but is already available for preorder soon on other sites.

We should expect a short-term deficit in the S9 Edge, since it is likely to be first released in limited quantities to test the market response.

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