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Every part of the world has some type of weather emergency. Whether it tornados, hail, flash floods, hurricanes, or severe thunderstorms, every community has some type of weather that can create a very unsafe environment for those who live there. As anyone who has ever lived through a dangerous weather event knows, the best way to stay safe during one of these events is to have enough prior warning to take the necessary precautions. Because the vast majority of the population now has smartphones, an emergency weather alert app is a great way to let people in a specific community knows about oncoming dangerous weather. The benefits include:

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  1. Ease of use – With the right emergency warning software, sending out notification to an app that alerts all users in a specific area that there is an emergency headed there way simply couldn’t be easier. When there is a real emergency, especially related to weather, that will continue to plow ahead whether or not residents are notified, having emergency management apps is easy to use is essential.
  1. Speed of use – You don’t want to have to spend even ten minutes sending out an alert. You want to be able to set out the notification to the emergency weather alert app as soon after realizing the danger of the situation as possible. Even a slight delay could cost lives. Rapid notifications that can be pushed directly to the devices of users is the best and fastest way to notify people that there is danger approaching.
  1. Functionality – Some weather apps will put a notification in the corner of the app tile, letting the user know that there is severe weather on the way. That simply is not enough of a warning when there is an emergency notification. Being able to send a push notification to the members of a community is the best way to get the attention of the largest amount of people.
  1. Customizable – One of the biggest benefits of our emergency weather alert app is the ability to customize it to fit the needs of your community. The portal can be fully customized so that users get relevant community information and news, instead of unrelated news or notifications that they can’t use or don’t need to heed.

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