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Nowadays, there are a lot of computer threats around our computers. And ransomware has become one of nasty and frustrating one since ransomeware is capable of lock user’s computer, encrypt files and ask for ransom. More and more websites are also attacked by ransomware. Let’s see a news firstly,

“The networks of the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center have been crippled for over a week now by a ransomware attack. The FBI and the LAPD have been working to identify the source and the severity of the attack but as of this writing, the network and computer-related functions, including CT scans, lab work, pharmaceutical, and documentation needs of the 430-bed Los Angeles hospital remain offline….”

As the news conveyed, ransomware is now more and more rampant and dangerous. It can not lock a computer and data but can attack huger organization and cause further damage. A ransowmare is developed by a cyberattack that blocks access to a computer until the hacker is paid a ransom. Today, we briefly introduce a kind of encrypted ransomware – Encryption.

Like other ransomware, Encryption is able to encrypt certain files on your computer and demand payment before you can gain access to your own files. Many users’ computers have been infected. You can see a description from a victim:

I received an email with the file, opened it, and almost all of the files on the computer were encrypted. Now the files are so called -… On the desktop appeared picture with the requirement to write on, and send them a single encrypted file. Most likely they will require money. Help!”

Once infected, this ransomware will disable any security function running on the target computer and then display picture with the requirement to write on And you are asked to send them a single encrypted file. You should never take it slightly. From this way, most likely they will require money from you. You should never be cheated to follow their instructions. Besides, there’s no guarantee that this message and email address is true. It is possible that even you pay the ransom, you still can’t decrypt your files. And your confidential information is possible to be leaked out.

Therefore, if your computer unfortunately infected by Encryption, you should need a best ransomware removal without hesitation.

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