Decorating with ceiling fans- Interior designing ideas

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Fans are not just restricted to providing effective air circulation in the room. You can actually use a fan to enhance the room décor. Not just a room, you can use designer fans in open verandahs, balcony, bathrooms, kitchen, and other places. And with every place, you can experiment to create the best combination of a designer fan and interior decoration.

The interior design ideas keep on changing and hence, we have compiled a list of designing fans that will complement the room décor. We have included a variety of fans depicting unique designs. Read on to know more.

Factors affecting selection of ceiling fan and interior design

  • The colors should complement each other. What colors are we talking about? The color of the fan, color of the walls, and color of the furnishings. Everything should be perfect synchronization. You can use contrasting colors or different shades of a particular color.
  • The styling in the room. Your room may be in contemporary, traditional, or vintage style; the ceiling fan design should also feature a particular style to suit the surroundings.
  • Size of the fan and the size of the space. Both these factors are interlinked. Whether you are considering a ceiling fan for an open space or a closed space; the size of the space matters. The size of the ceiling fan should be in proportion to the size of the space.

Interior Designing Ideas with respect to Ceiling Fans

Now if you look at this design, you will notice the interiors such as walls, furniture, and fan depicts a similar shade. The other furnishings are in contrast color to enhance the interiors. Also, the size of the fan is in proportion to the size of the room. And of course, the view looks stunning!

If you look at the library, you will notice the wooden cupboards, wooden flooring, and wooden shelves, and wooden furniture. To complete the picture, a ceiling fan with wooden blades, or the same wooden shade, has been installed. At the same time, wall color is in a contrasting shade.

Now, this is called the perfect selection of a ceiling fan. Due to low height, a caged ceiling fan is an ideal option. The colors of the fan match with the windows and the painting while ceiling, floor, and the bed are in the same color. Notice that lamp in the corner; impressive!

Do you notice the floral pattern in the room? The bed linen, walls, and curtains all sail in the same boat. The blend of two colors looks impressive. The ceiling fan fits very well in this context. The designer has adopted a minimalistic approach here when it comes to the ceiling fan.

First of all, this open space set up looks mesmerizing. Secondly, the ceiling surely complements the decoration. The color matches with that of the ceiling. This ceiling fan has light socket as well. The size of the fan is appropriate for effective circulation of air.

These were some ceiling fan ideas that you can adapt to uplift the interior décor in your home or anywhere. Consider the factors mentioned above for a perfect setup. Check out best ceiling fans online on

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