Check out Interesting Website Designs for Town and Parish Councils

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If you need to have a new or update your town or parish website, check out what online specialists can do for you.  Reputable online companies can provide a professional website package designed to meet the specific needs.  There’s an extensive list of features that have been developed by website designers who have worked for many years with town and parish councils.  Website features can include:-

  1. A business directory – what better way to serve your community than by giving them an online portal in which to advertise their business?
  2. News – news feed filter sections can help to inform people about what’s going on in their community.
  3. Organisations – an organisations section in your town or parish council website will help to deliver useful information for website visitors. Organisations like the Brownies, Scouts and swimming clubs can all have their contact details published via your website.
  4. Community forums – a town or parish council exists to serve its community.  Community forums are a great way to give the community online space where they can discuss the topics of the day.
  5. Services – let the community know what type of services your town and parish council provides.  This can be anything from allotments to open spaces, planning and street cleaning
  6. Events calendar – let the people know what’s going on in their particular town or parish.  This can be achieved by having a website package that includes an advanced event management system with a “what’s on” calendar.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with town council website design experts. They can tell you more about other features such as accessibility, minutes, sliding transitions and unlimited e-mail accounts.

Online portfolio

Spend some time browsing websites for town and parish council’s online portfolios.  You can expect to receive an exciting website which includes a modern responsive design with eye-catching slide transitions that your community will be proud of.  This type of online portal is ideal for local news, advice on flooding areas while bringing communities together.  There’s always lots of info about:-

  • The role of town and parish councils
  • Meetings and services
  • Policies and organisations
  • Upcoming events
  • Budgets and grants

The great news is, funding is available for town and parish websites.  It won’t cost a penny for your parish and local council to request possible funding.  Your website will include everything you need for one highly competitive price and what’s more, there are no annual licence fees.

Using the latest technology

Professionals use the world’s most popular content management system to deliver a factual town or parish website.  Your website will also have a responsive design for:-

  • Optimum display in all browsers
  • Smart phones and tablets

New features can be added on request to ensure you receive a fully functional and easy to update website.  Make enquiries today by leaving your name, e-mail address and message online or phone.

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