BPM Program: A Profit-increasing Tool

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The aim of BPM is to control and to provide effective and safe changes to the current business processes. The result of a correctly built business process is the increased value for the customer and the decreased prime cost of a product or a service. This article overviews the CRM and BPM programs on the bpm’online platform.

What is BPM?

Business process management views business processes as a special kind of enterprise tool, which is in constant need for adapting to the ever-changing market environment. BMP tells us what, where, when, why and how each task is executed and who is responsible for it. Modern software makes BPM flexible, allowing many participants to adjust the processes “on the fly” whenever it is necessary.

Business processes should be constructed in such way that they create value for each customer and exclude any unnecessary or redundant activities. Business process management software provides tools for:

  • modeling
  • simulation
  • analysis of business processes

The first model describes a business process “as is.” Then the model is analyzed using software and a new model, “how it should be,” is formed. A plan for implementing the changes is now composed and the process is updated.

BPMonline platform

The platform is one of the four most popular BPM software platforms on the planet. Now, it is cloud-based, so it is no longer dependent on your computer hardware, which is especially desirable for international business — it decentralizes business operations and makes them more flexible.

The platform accounts for many out-of-the-box solutions for most common business processes. If your business needs additional features, your developers can easily create them. The downside is that their SDK is not well documented, so a programmer should plan the schedule with some extra time that will be spent looking for examples and explanations. The documentation is updated regularly and new examples are released monthly.

Your company doesn’t buy a license for the software — it rents it from the owners of the cloud, which may be more cost-effective, as you don’t need to uphold the hardware and maintenance staff.

CRM solutions

Bpm’online CRM is a tool to collect and manage customer data, which can yield valuable results for the BPM. This CRM software is praised for its simple user interface. Since the 7th version release, the UI has been changed to show only the data, which is necessary to the appropriate employee at the moment. The amount of personal data has increased greatly over past years — contact data, decisions, orders and more, which can be overwhelming if it is not streamlined. To save the most valuable things that are the resources and the time, the CRM gathers open data in automatic mode — it scans Facebook and other social media sites to search for info about the client.

The client base analysis tool helps in categorizing the customers depending on their preferences. You can see key clients and determine their priority. The BPM tools are fully customizable.


Even the most sophisticated tool is useless without a proper knowledge of how to use it. Despite being user-friendly and intuitive, employees who utilize the program should receive a proper training. The schedule of online seminars is presented on the Academy page. The training course for new users lasts four days with about 3-4 hours per day.

A summary of what makes BPM system, such as bpm’online so popular:

  • simple and friendly user interface
  • out-of-the-box templates
  • customizable BPM program
  • fast and deep analysis of data
  • process modeling tools

These and other features make bpm’online one of the top CRM vendors in the world, providing the state of the art technology.

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