Avaya Phones Use the Same Networks That Data Uses

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Avaya phones also have introduced the latest innovations in this area of technology and have had a real impact on the way businesses communicate. VoIP phone technology has made business rethink their current strategies to head for the IP-based solutions and systems every time now.

Latest phones

 It can be said with some certainty the latest Avaya phones for Dubai have become the stars of current business. Avaya phones in Dubai increases a company’s abilityto shine while at the same time reduces the costs of both internal and external communication. The real advancement in this technology that is offered by Avaya Phone System is that it has given most companies the chance for the customization of existing infrastructure or to build any new one to meet the ever growing communication needs.

Avaya phones

 The current modern telephones are not analog phones, no – instead the telecommunication has changed drastically with Voice over IP Phones or VoIP. What is the difference between traditional phones and VoIP Phones? The VoIP phones use the TCP/IP networks to communicate while the traditional phones use regular analog lines for communication. So these VoIP phones allow companies to use the same network of the same corporation for both data networking and telephone communication needs which again show the savings in both data and telephone sides of your monthly financial spreadsheets.


 Techzone is one of the leading distributers of wide assortments of Avaya product especially for VoIP phones. Techzone is led by professionals that have years of experience in this technology and are known for having the quality service that is the best.

Some of the models that Avaya have developed include:

  • Desk Phones
  • Digital Desk phones
  • Over six other models of VoIP

Each of these models are designed with certain types of customer needs in mind and if Avaya doesn’t have what you want or need, they will just build a model for your communication needs.

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