Are polygraphs really reliable

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People who lie a lot since they were little have a tendency to develop a habit of lying and will definitely carry on with them until they grow older and in that context, it may prove to be a bit of a problem for all the people who will get involved with them in the future. Trust is one of the basic and most important parts of a relationship and is the easiest to gain but is the most difficult to get back once that trust is broken.

Lying to an in individual, in any relationship whether romantic or not is a sign wherein that person cannot be fully trusted. One thing about pathological liars is that you may not be able to tell whether they are lying to you or not since it has already become a habit for them and they consider it normal. Differentiating between a lie and the truth will become difficult and it will be hard to fully trust that person with sensitive things, one sure way to tell if you’re dealing with a pathological liar is by subjecting these individuals to a polygraph test. To find out more about the lie detector test and the many possible uses it has, you can find more information at

Reliability of man and machine 

Unlike the person in question, a polygraph test is more reliable. With today’s technological advancements, the polygraph test has a success and accuracy rate of around 95%, making it a very reliable tool to detect deception. Contrary to popular belief that lie detector tests can be cheated, one may find it hard to do so especially if the person in question is dealing with a very competent and experienced examiner.

Examiners play a huge role in the lie detector test. After all, a machine is only as good as the person handling it. Examiners have to undergo rigorous training as well as graduate from a polygraph school to be able to be qualified as a licensed polygraph examiner. The combination of a modern polygraph exam and an experienced examiner makes for the lie detector test to be near impossible to deceive.

Can nervousness really affect the outcome?

A lot of people who are about to undergo a polygraph test may wonder if nervousness will affect the end result of the exam. While of course, the machine can definitely read the nervousness based on the heart rate and tone of voice coming from the individual in question, the readings coming from a definite lie is different. To the untrained eye, it might look the same, but to an experienced examiner, there is clearly a fine line that differentiates both readings, which is why when taking a polygraph test, it is ideal to get a well-trained and experienced examiner to avoid misreading.

While it is common practice for law enforcement to use lie detector tests, there are also a lot of alternative uses for the device, it is not only limited to interrogation as we all see in the movies. Of course, in the movies, lie detector tests can easily be cheated but that’s just it, it’s only in the movies. In real life however, it is one of the most reliable devices to prevent deception.

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