Aesthetics, Logic And Techniques Make Your Website Creative

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If a website is compared to a building, then it also needs to be rational and useful. It will help a website meet all these qualities. Various factors add to the value of a web design, which include aesthetic appeal, interactive interface and SEO compatibility. The design has to be aesthetically appealing along with clear and correct content and easy browsing feature. Moreover, a website which is interactive will have more users. User friendly navigation through the website with clear instructions will make for an interactive design. Usability of certain factors like motion graphics will depend on the content of the website.

For instance, motion graphics or illusionary moving animation often clubbed with audio may be suitable for a gaming website, but would become distracting on a website with serious content like news and commerce. Last but not the least, SEO compatible content would make the website easy to find on search engines.

Team work

The task of designing a website can be handled by a team in which each member handles different areas of designing. However, at times even a single designer handles it all alone. Production or designing of a website would involve designing web graphics, user interface, usability, and creating programmes and databases.

Creative as well as technical

In a broader sense, web design would require both creative as well as technical skills. However, it is the web designers who take care of the creative aspect, and web developers take care of the technical aspect. As a visualiser, the web designer tries to implement the client’s requirements on a web page to make it visually impressive and appealing. A web developer, at times also referred as a programmer, is the person with technical knowledge. He is capable of writing codes in various languages including CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

A web designer’s skills would lie in designing layout, making choices of colours and fonts, and placing images. The difference of role can be understood through this example. A web designer’s skills will be useful when a website has to be redesigned, and a web developer’s skills would be useful in clubbing applications. Hence, there would be very few who could master the skills of a web designer as well as a web developer.

Web designer

The core of their activity is to concentrate on the visual appeal of the website. They are almost an artist in their role. They need to have a good know how of using colour combinations, besides skills in graphic design. They aim for a great user experience, in which creativity and innovation of the designer will make a mark. Skills in Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver are some of the softwares that will always be useful. Moreover, knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be an advantage.

Usually a web design company would design and create a website, but now online website builders have made it a kids’ play. Even those without design or programming skills can build a website.

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