5 tips to Manage Your Magento Projects Effectively

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There is no secret that management in general is a pretty tough thing to do, let alone remotely custom any e-commerce project. But if you have your business based on Magento platform everything becomes much easier and clearer, because you have experts who are always ready to help you with any issues that might appear with this platform.

In this article we would like to talk about five key building blocks of a successful e-commerce project and tips to them in order to help you answer the question how to manage e-commerce site efficiently with the help of Magento extensions.

Select a project manager

First of all remember that one person cannot physically do everything him or herself, so make sure that you choose knowledgeable and responsible person to help you. When you are choosing a person to delegate some of your tasks to, make sure that you choose someone who can take really good care of both your project and your client.

Also pay attention to the fact that a worker has to fit all the requirements for the position, so choose only a professional in order to simplify your life in future and not vice versa.

Client is not always right but neither are you!

A lot of managers and project leaders say their scarifying phrase that the project would have been much easier is there was no client attached to it. It happens because people believe that they are best experts in the field and in fact it is a sign that you need to calm down a little and look around. Of course, you have the experience, but only your client can tell you what he or she demands from the project and how he or she sees it. Be open to the dialogue and compromises.


Be flexible in the project

Nobody likes to be interrupted in the middle of the work, but if you know what e-commerce is then you definitely know that it is never fixed! Be ready to manage products in Magento every time your customer requires it. With no doubt, this is not the most pleasant thing to do, but this is the only way to create a really good project to satisfy client’s needs.

Remember though, that ‘flexible’ does not meet ‘change everything’. Do not get excited by innovations. In the beginning create a track and try to keep up to it. Make alternations but do not change the project in general.

Do not become slaves

Systematization is great and very beneficial but make sure that you do not become a slave of the system. Of course, reports and cooperation are important but you should always remain people. Be open to the dialogue with your co-workers because positive atmosphere at a work place leads to the success of the whole project. On the other hand slavering usually leads to the failure of the project in general.

If something does not work – fix it immediately!

Sometimes project leaders get into projects so deep that they forget where it all began and at some point do not know what to do next if something does not work. In such cases experts advise to stop for a moment, go back to the drawing board and try to find the problem beginning. Then check for Magento extensions & addons that can help you deal with the problem and start from that point. Be ready that some further steps will have to be changed too, but it is again better to fix something than to lose the project at all.

As you can see, there is no big science in managing your e-commerce projects with Magento and its special tools. The main rule that you need to remember is to be open and do not be afraid to make some changes and renovations in order to reach the set goal.

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