5 Handy Tips for Setting High-Security Passwords for Your Video Surveillance Systems

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Video surveillance systems serve a great purpose by ensuring security. After installing a security system at your home or workplace, the first thing you need to do is change its password because a strong password is your primary step for defense against intruders. Major security concerns related to video surveillance systems demand a strong password to keep your data safe. Here are a few tips for setting a strong, unhackable, and secure password for your surveillance system.

Set a Password of At Least 12 Characters

The longer the password, more secure is your surveillance system. Shorter passwords can be easily cracked by hackers in a short period of time. Hence, instead of using a short password of 6-8 digits, use a password of at least 12 characters to make it difficult for the hacker to crack. A longer password will make the hacking process complex and extend the time needed to crack it.

Utilize Numbers, Special Characters, and Uppercase Letters to Make It Difficult to Crack

Use a combination of at least 2 special characters, 2 uppercase letters, and numbers along with lowercase letters to make it impossible for the hacker to gain access to your video surveillance system.

Keep It Random

It is common to use passwords related to personal information. Many people use English words in the password as they are easy to remember. Here is what you don’t know about this habit of yours. The first tool used by the hackers to hack your password is the dictionary attack tool, which is a collection of commonly used passwords. There is a high chance that your password is also on the list. So, use random letters and numbers to keep your security camera password secure.

Do Not Use Keyboard Patterns

Keyboard patterns are one of the topmost common passwords used by people. Many people like to roll their fingers over the keyboard to make it easy to open. The password dictionary attack tool can detect such passwords in minutes. Use a random and lengthy password to secure your security system.

Use Password Generator to Create a Strong Password and a Manager to Remember Them

Many password generators are available in the market, which use complex methodologies to create a strong secure password for your security system at home. Though they are complex and difficult to remember, they are almost impossible to crack and it will take years for a hacker to crack your video surveillance camera system’s password. To remember such complex passwords, you can use online password management apps to save all your passwords. All you need to remember is your ID and password to the password manager file that contains all other passwords.

A strong password can be built to secure your surveillance system easily. Security cameras should have feature where the password is end to end encrypted. This makes it further difficult for someone to hack the password over the server/cloud.

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