4 Reasons to Get a Corporate Mobile Plan Today

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Mobility is a crucial aspect of business operations today, thanks to the increase in the use of smartphones. Mobile communication is the best way to share information with one another and make sure that all business processes and operations are performed and finished on time. Any delays or unforeseen concerns can easily be communicated, which allows for a rapid implementation of solutions.

No wonder investing in corporate mobile plans has become a necessity, not luxury.  Business owners and their employees must keep up with technology to develop and maintain a wider reach.

Still have some doubts as to how excellent provisions like Zain business plans can transform your operations? Here are four compelling reasons to invest in the best phone plan for your business now.

1. You can immediately cater to customer needs

Customers continue to work with, and even endorse, businesses that cater to their needs without any delays. With a reliable business phone plan, you and your employees can immediately respond to any client concerns even while you are on the go.

Whether you are on a break, walking, running or headed to a different location, you can answer phone calls or text messages from your employees and clients. And with the development of hands-free headsets and Bluetooth, you can even answer calls outside your office. Thus, there is no excuse for you not to meet the demands of your clients anytime. And this can result in improved customer satisfaction.

Your business can easily grow and expand if all your clients are satisfied with the products and service you deliver. A business phone plan can help you make this happen.

2. You get travel perks

As businesses become increasingly global, you or your employees will travel to different countries to either make connections or meet with your partners. Today, most phone plan carriers are offering flexible minutes, data and SMS that you can use in your destination for an affordable fee.

Telecom services provider Zain, for instance, offers reliable yet affordable roaming services if you need to go to countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand from Saudi Arabia. In the same way, if your business is based in these countries and you need to visit Saudi Arabia, Zain lets you feel at home by giving you only the best roaming services.

In other words, whether you depart from or arrive at Saudi Arabia, expect to enjoy dependable roaming services from this carrier.

3. You establish continuity of customer service

A business mobile phone plan is crucial in ensuring the continuity of communication and service to your customers. When employees leave your business for whatever reason, you have the right to retrieve the phone and number from those workers. Then, you can give it to your other employees so they can continue dealing and communicating with your clients.

Getting the phone line back is crucial, especially if the employees leaving the company plan to start their own company. The danger of allowing your workers to use their personal phones in dealing with the company’s customer is that they may ask them to leave your business as well and join their start-up enterprise instead. And this can result in a significant loss in sales.

But if your employees are using a business phone plan, they will lose contact with your customers once they leave your company. This means that they won’t have any access to the client contact information, emails, messages, and crucial company data.

4. You enjoy data security and protection

Businesses hesitate to go online and mobile because they fear that hackers can get access to their sensitive data. Phishing, viruses and malware can expose these data to anybody. But phone plan carriers are now partnering with third-party apps to make sure that all internet data is secured and protected.

The antivirus Kaspersky application, for instance, helps protect your data and combats any type of electronic hacking. This will give you peace of mind whenever you download files, use your business email and surf the internet. Enjoy this service by downloading the app, subscribing and paying an affordable fee.

Signing up for a corporate mobile plan is definitely a great business move. It helps your business thrive in different ways. Just make sure to work with the best service provider and choose a plan that meets your business needs. And don’t forget to ensure data protection.

If your employees are still using their personal phones to communicate with your customers, now is the time to make the switch! Protect your business by letting them use a company smartphone.

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