4 Kinds of Graphic Design Job Roles You May Not Know About

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If you’re a tech-savvy, creative person with an artistic background, then you might discover for yourself a successful career in graphic design. This field allows you to work out your imagination along with your technical skills. You may be unaware of this fact that the number of job openings for graphic designing is humongous.

Getting accustomed with these job opportunities will help you get a better idea as to how you can use your creativity to make a career out of it. For instance, graphic design jobs for those who are looking to build a Career in Siemens can be rather limited in India, and there are more opportunities outside India, with avg salary payout (as indicated by Glassdoor) being $63,000+.

Graphic Designing Specialist Job Roles to Consider:

The advancements in technology have drastically transformed the graphic design sector. While you can still dabble around in multiple facets of the sector by being the jack-of-all-trades, the opportunities for specialists out there are plenty. Even when it comes to pay scale, the graphic designers with expert skill-set have the potential to earn more when compared to the others

Take a look at these four graphic design job profiles that you may not be aware of:

  1. Creative Services Manager

The job role of a creative services manager is to act as a mediator between the creative department and senior management in a company. Such job profiles will need a minimum of 3-years of experience. It is the responsibility of creative services manager to oversee the complete projects, ensuring that all deadlines are met and budgets are honored.

They have to deliver a quality product to their senior management team while maintaining a well-organized work environment for the employees working on the project.

  1. Email Marketing Designer

Email marketing designers have the responsibility of designing as well as executing engaging email communications and promotions for the company. They operate closely with other creative designers, writers, marketing managers and user interface specialists so as to ensure that the brand strategies are fulfilled and its standards are upheld.

Email marketing designers must understand the basic principles of design, user interface and user experience, while also having experience and knowledge about CSS and HTML.

  1. Flash Developer/Designer

They create interactive online content such as games, advertisements and other similar media-rich applications. Flash designers make use of Flash and Actionscript to test, implement as well as maintain dynamic websites

Flash designers are most of the time proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML and other web designing languages alongside Adobe Creative Suite software. They must also be acquainted with usability considerations and website design. This is yet another promising position to look out for, especially for the ones who are looking to build career in Siemens or similar companies outside India.

  1. Information Architect

They help their clients define their content strategy and also design features for their websites. Information architect needs to specialize in scrutinizing the needs and wants of a prospective audience so as to improve the user’s experience and the design of the website.

They also perform usability testing on prototypes or finished products to check the architecture and navigation.

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